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Heat exchangers

Flue gas condenser
The efficiency of the Zantingh Total Eco flue gas condensers is so high, that we can guarantee a return on investment of under a year (depending on the exact operational conditions). These flue gas condensers are the only condensers for which the water side components are all made of stainless steel. The high-quality flue gas condensers are high efficiency compact segment condensers with a large heated surface.

Many greenhouse horticultural companies use multiple heating networks. The condenser can be supplied as a combination boiler for this purpose. We also have the perfect solution for other applications or customised systems.

Plate heat exchangers
In many sectors plate heat exchangers are used to separate heat circuits, for example, in industry, non-residential construction and the geothermal sector. (Plate heat exchangers are also referred to as isolating heat exchangers.)

The plates are by default made of high-quality stainless steel (304, 316 or SMO), titanium or Hastelloy. Other types of material are available upon request. The exchangers are compact but have a large heated surface; combined with the ‘chevron profile’ this results in a turbulent flow, optimum heat exchange and, therefore, maximum output. Naturally, each exchanger is customised based on your specifications. In addition to supplying separate exchangers, Zantingh also supplies plate heat exchangers on a skid (or hydro module), complete with pumps, valves, etcetera.

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