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Do you have an Autoflame control MK4 or MK5 on a Zantingh burner


Do you still have an Autoflame control on a Zantingh burner which is 21 years old or more?

Zantingh burners have been equipped with an electronic burner control system from Autoflame since the 1990s. Electronic development is occurring rapidly. In many cases the older types are no longer available or cannot be repaired, and replacing them with a newer version is an extensive and expensive job.

This concerns the Autoflame controls of the types MK4 and MK5, installed up to and including 2007.

We usually convert these controls into a pneumatic gas-to-air ratio control, combined with an electronic modulating capacity control. This work takes up to 2 days.

If the old Autoflame control system breaks down, you will be facing a standstill of your burner, which in the worst case could last several days. To plan and limit any down-time for your installation, we advise that you replace your old Autoflame MK4 or MK5 control as a precaution now.

This concerns the following types of Zantingh burners:

· RKB, KBR and VBR burners up to and including 1996 with an MK4 or MK5 greenhouse edition.

· TR, KBR and RKB burners up to and including 2007 with an MK5 mini.

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