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Zantingh and Spirotech: a strong team


Zantingh has stocked the Spirotech brand for many years in their wholesale range of central heating materials. Spirotech provides solutions for system water treatment all over the world. The family business is grounded in non-residential construction, but is still relatively unknown in the greenhouse industry. New methods of heating – in the greenhouse industry as well – demand new treatment methods. For this reason, Zantingh and Spirotech have increased their collaboration.

Deaerators and air separators

Zantingh has stocked Spirotech deaerators for many years. Everyone is aware of the need to fit a deaerator to a central heating system. Mains water contains oxygen, which is released at high temperatures. The “air” that accumulates in the higher parts of the system is able to escape via the deaerator. As the name indicates, the micro-bubble air separator by Spirotech allows even small air bubbles that continue to circulate in the water to be removed. Another benefit of an air separator like this is that you need only one of them, rather than sometimes dozens of deaerators in the larger heating systems.


The situation is very different when heating at low temperatures. As a result of the energy transition process, low temperatures in central heating systems – in the greenhouse industry as well – are increasingly common, for example as a result of the use of hybrid systems with heat pumps. The lower temperature causes the oxygen to remain in solution in the water for longer, with the result that deaerators and air separators are less effective. Vacuum degassers work by a different method: by creating a negative pressure system, they are able to separate oxygen from water even at low temperatures.

Dirt separators

Oxygen in the water causes corrosion, and contaminated water in turn results in wear and tear to parts and – as with air – loss of performance. Lower temperatures also pose a risk of biofilm formation, which again results in corrosion. According to Spirotech, it is not possible to prevent system water contamination completely, which is why a dirt separator always has a positive effect on the health and performance of a system. The concept of Spirotech dirt separators is simple: a magnet does the work and removes even the smallest particles from the system water. No filter is required, the flow through the system is never impeded, and the installation can always remain online.

Zantingh and Spirotech: a strong team

We at Zantingh are fans of Spirotech products. A high-quality product, at a reasonable price. The quality is shown by a warranty period of as long as 20 years, whereas other brands offer a warranty of only 5 years.

The greenhouse industry is increasingly searching for other methods to remove gases and dirt from system water. Spirotech degassers, and air and waste separators have for this reason been added to the Zantingh product range.

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