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Delivery: 2015

Company details: Kwekerij Ubink B.V., Netherlands

Product: Cactus, succulent

Burner type: RKB 4.0 ND P Gas, 5,218 kW lower limit (load)

Boiler capacity: 4,128 Mcal / 4,800 kW (at 92% boiler efficiency)

Gas consumption at full power: 594 nm3/h

NOx emission: 70 mg/nm3 at 3% O2

Cacti and succulent grower Ubink in Kudelstaart is growing (Netherlands)

Ubink nurseries in Kudelstaart, one of the largest cactus growers in Europe, has increased its acreage again that includes another Zantingh gas burner system.

Ubink was established in 1927. The first Ubink generation established an agricultural company with dairy cattle, crops and carnations (dianthus), ornamental foliage, cacti and succulents in greenhouses. The greenhouse products were sold to consumers in the Netherlands through flower shops in Amsterdam and traders in Aalsmeer.

The greenhouse acreage grew with time and, since the 1970s, the focus moved to growing cacti and succulents. Ubink’s reputation as a specialist in the national and international cactus and succulent market grew alongside the physical growth. The export and import activities increased, including importing from Tenerife on the Canary Islands which led to a partnership. Ubink currently has a production capacity of 250,000 m2 in Tenerife. The plants do not need a greenhouse to grow, which significantly decreases production costs.

The third Ubink generation is now at the helm of the enterprise. The brothers Gert, John and Edwin quickly expanded the nursery in Kudelstaart to a modern and automated 60,000 m2 growing area. Their drive for innovation of product range and production methods forms the basis of their success. The company continuously adapts to the changing market trends and environment. For example, new species are grown by a licensed partner in, among others, the United States of America. Ubink believes in cooperating with companies worldwide!

Energy efficiency and caring for the environment are crucial to the agricultural sector. Organic pesticides (biocides) is one of the many ways this is realised. As well as by installing a Zantingh burner system with energy-efficient electronic capacity and frequency control systems. Thus minimising the NOx emission.

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