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Delivery: 2015

Company details: Tas Paprika CV, Luttelgeest, Netherlands

Product: Yellow bell pepper (Allround), red bell pepper (Nagano)

Burner type: RKB 9.0 ND MM G/O, 11,377 kW lower limit (load)

Boiler capacity: 9,000 Mcal / 10,467 kW (at 92% boiler efficiency)

Gas consumption at full power: 1,284 nm3/h

NOx emission: 35 mg / nm3 at 3% O2.

New greenhouse for bell pepper producer Tas Luttelgeest (Netherlands)

Brothers John and Onno Tas grow red and yellow bell peppers at their company Tas Paprika CV. The company has two sites: one in Zevenhuizen (8 hectares) and one in Luttelgeest (until recently 16 hectares). At the end of July the Tas brothers started with the extension and the site in Luttelgeest will be increased to 25 hectares.

Tas is a family business. Our parents lived in Berkel en Rodenrijs, close to the ‘garden’ where Tas Sr. started growing cucumbers in 1963. In 1990, he switched to the cultivation of bell peppers. Both sons were brought up on bell peppers. It was not surprising that they took over the company twenty odd years ago. “Bell pepper cultivation is a fast and dynamic process”, says Onno who believes they will always grow bell peppers. “We have invested heavily in this product and have accumulated large amounts of knowledge on it. I think we can safely say we have become specialists in bell pepper cultivation”, states Onno Tas.

The popularity and, therefore, the demand for bell peppers has increased significantly during the last few years due to the high nutritional value of the product and the extensive ways in which to use it. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for bell peppers, the Tas brothers decided to once again increase their greenhouse area. The Tas family is a loyal Zantingh customer. They again decided to purchase a Zantingh gas burner for their new greenhouse. “It is a modern and reliable product and Zantingh has an excellent service department”, states Onno. The heating system in the new section is once again to be installed by Voshol Warmte Elektrotechniek from Bleiswijk.

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