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The history of Zantingh starts in 1935 in Rijsenhout in the Haarlemmermeer polder, a stone throw away from Schiphol. Zantingh is a third generation family business. The founder was a stove maker who selected this area because the demand for greenhouse heating boilers was growing here. After the Second World War the coal boilers were replaced by oil boilers. In the sixties large gas fields were discovered in Slochteren, after which natural gas was the main fuel type. Gas burners and saving energy by cooling flue gas characterised the 1970s. A 24-hour service was set up to resolve failures and to perform maintenance work on the Zantingh systems. A central heating wholesale department was added to the product range. Thousands of components were kept in stock to be delivered from many locations.

Cogeneration was on the rise in the 1980s and 1990s, but came to an end at the end of the millennium. The greenhouse horticultural sector, one of Zantingh’s main markets, grew once again in the Netherlands but especially abroad. The demand for service increased. Regular inspections of gas systems became mandatory in the Netherlands. The systems had to meet more stringent requirements based on environmental policy and the demand for sustainable and energy-efficient systems increased. The development of new products was more often based on modern technology such as microelectronics. A proactive product development approach ensured that Zantingh became an international company with customers in the non-residential construction, greenhouse horticultural and industrial sectors.

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