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Recently added to the Zantingh product range: B METERS heat meters.


Not everybody knows that you can also count on our expertise for energy calculation. Zantingh is an experienced distributer of devices to measure and calculate energy consumption for a variety of applications. Recently we started working together with the Italian manufacturer B METERS.

B METERS is a family company that has been designing, producing and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years. The yearly production currently exceeds 2,000,000 units putting B METERS in a leading position both at national and European level.

B METERS supplies water companies, the industry as well as the private market. The product range includes turbine (velocity) type single and multi-jet water meters with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltmann meters, irrigation meters, flow meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators with direct reading or complete with integrated modules for the remote transmission of the consumption data.

Selection of a standard thermal energy meter set is very easy:

- one type of heat meter WDC-R in different DN sizes, but with the same pulse value

- one type of calculator HYDROSPLIT-M3, standard version with M-bus en pulse output

- one type of temperature sensor sets

- one type of sensor sockets to go with a certain size (DN)

You can find the price list and data sheets for these items at our download section []

Also we have small size meters and ultrasonic heat meters upon request.

All equipment is certified according 2014/32 / EU MID, 2004/108/EC EMC and meets the EN1434 requirements.

For more information visit the B METERS website.

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