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CO₂ - dosage

Central dosage of CO2-rich flue gases from gas burning boilers has led to a considerable increase in greenhouse horticultural production. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an important element for plants. We supply stainless steel high-efficiency exhaust fans. A smaller motor capacity can be applied when using this type of fan. This considerably reduces electricity costs.

However, Zantingh is more than just a supplier of efficient fans. We provide extensive calculations and advice regarding the installation of the distribution pipe system for the greenhouse. This ensures that the CO2 is optimally distributed within the greenhouse.

Zantingh also supplies system components, such as a central CO2 collector to collect the CO2 from multiple sources, the connecting material, the throttle plates and the distributing hoses. To prevent the risk of CO dosage (carbon monoxide), our range includes various CO detection options.

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