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After Sale Service

A system that undergoes proper and expert maintenance work lasts longer, performs better and is reliable. The periodical maintenance of gas systems is also of importance to the environment. After all, proper settings and adjustments prevent the unnecessary increase of hazardous emissions and help to lower energy consumption.

Our annual maintenance consists of preventive activities, checks and adjustments. Preventive maintenance work is based on many years of experience and increases the reliability of your system. The appropriate level of safety, efficiency and emission is assured by adjusting these based on the criteria laid down in the basic report of your system. The test results and system status are summarised in a report. Maintenance work can be carried out on a cost-plus basis or based on a Service Level Agreement or contract.

Agencies & service support locations


Zantingh B.V.
Aarbergerweg 9
1435 CA Rijsenhout

T +31 (0)297 219 100
F +31 (0)297 219 199

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