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Zantingh service branch in Mexico officially launched


Zantingh recently launched its own service point in Mexico. The service location is based at the premises of the Mexican company Asesores en Invernaderos in Querétaro, which has been the Zantingh service agency in this region for a long time.

The cooperation between Zantingh and Asesores en Invernaderos led to the appointment of a Mexican service engineer about two years ago. After having followed intensive training at Zantingh's home base in the Netherlands, he now independently provides service to the hundreds of gas burner installations that Zantingh has delivered over the years in Mexican horticulture.

"Until that time, maintenance was mainly carried out by Dutch engineers, but due to the considerable number of existing installations and the potential for growth in Mexico, it was time to launch our own service branch on Mexican soil," says director Gert-Jan Zantingh. "We currently have two Mexican mechanics in the field to carry out the maintenance on their own, where necessary with support from the Netherlands. All in all, with the establishment of the service location in Querétaro, we are even better able to serve our Mexican customers with the maintenance service of their gas burners ".

In addition to performing maintenance and resolving malfunctions, the most necessary burner spare parts are also on the shelf at the Mexican location, so in the event of an emergency problems can be resolved quickly.

Mexican greenhouse horticulture is doing well, especially with the construction of large-scale vegetable greenhouses that are often clustered in so-called agroparks. Since the mid-1990’s the agropark in Querétaro served as a model for this successful development when it rolled out across the country. The delivery of the first Zantingh gasburners, flue gas condensers and CO2 dosing equipment to Mexico dates back to that time.

An agropark is an important part of the so-called Metropolitan Food Cluster (MFC) concept, developed by Alterra / Wageningen UR. The concept strives for far-reaching integration of value chains in the field of production, processing and logistics of agricultural products. The area of greenhouse horticulture at the agropark in Querétaro is currently around 200 hectares and is a two-hour drive north of Mexico City.

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