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Burner systems

Capacity classes
Manufacturer and supplier of Zantingh gas burner systems of capacity classes ranging from 1 to 15 MW since 1970. For smaller capacity gas and oil burners we cooperate exclusively with Unigas, the Italian manufacturer. The acquired expertise forms the basis for our current range of burner systems.

Quality assurance
All Zantingh burner systems comply with (Dutch) legal requirements regarding NOx emissions and carry the CE safety mark in accordance with the Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) and the EAC mark (EuroAsian Conformity mark; formerly GOST-R). The burner systems implementation is flexible and can be easily adapted for the use of light fuel oil as a temporary measure when required.

Maximum performance with minimal emissions
More and more microelectronics and web-based solutions are implemented to control and safeguard gas burners. This ensures maximum performance and minimal emissions, such as low NOx emissions, for both new and retrofit systems.

Important factors when choosing a gas burner
Zantingh has the expertise to select the appropriate gas burner for every end user. The decision is based on the following factors:

- Gas pressure regulation
The network pressure and the quality of natural gas and other fuels influence the system selection. When a system is to be installed abroad, deviating conditions and variable gas pressure, where applicable, are taken into account when selecting the system.

- Fuels
Zantingh has the expertise to select the appropriate system and the appropriate fuel. Propane, butane and biogases can be used as fuel.

- Fan
The fan capacity is of importance when the burner system has to deal with, for example, a higher flue gas side resistance, or when the system is installed far above sea level. Zantingh is experienced in making decisions regarding the most suitable fan for a specific burner system while taking local conditions into account.

- Mains voltage
Where projects outside the Netherlands are concerned you can count on thorough advice when the mains voltage varies.

- Communications
Communications between the electronic gas burner capacity control and existing climate control systems should be optimal. We can advise regarding communications between the burner system, the CO2 dosing system and the climate computer.

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