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Pre-assembeled burner system

Delivery: 2022

Special Features: pre-assembled burner pack; electrically pre-installed

Destination: United States of America

Application: Greenhouses

Burner type: 3x RKB 6.0 ND MM G/O

Gas consumption at full power: 2.184 nm3/h

Pre-assembeled burner system

More and more often our customers ask us about the possibilities of prefab/pre-assembled burner installations. Looking into this, our Project Department recently designed three prefab Zantingh installations for one of our customers. The installations were entirely assembled and tested in our workshop. The burner panel is positioned on a frame together with the gas train and foldable to fit into an export crate, thanks to a smart construction. It only needs to be disassembled partially for transportation. On site only the gas pipe and cables from the burner to panel needs to be connected. This could be of great advantage when shortage of technical staff and sometimes lack of knowledge abroad is delaying the projects. Especially cabling proves to be most difficult in the field.

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