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Zantingh multi-fuel burner installation


Zantingh has been a gas burner manufacturer for over 50 years, specialising in greenhouse horticulture. Gas is a broad term in this case, because apart from natural gas, the Zantingh burners are suitable for burning all types of gas with calorific value. These include many types of biogas (such as landfill gas, sewage gas, fermentation gas, etc.) and propane gas (LPG), which is once again in the spotlight due to the natural gas crisis. Unique is a combi-burner suitable for application of multiple gas types, e.g. natural gas/propane gas or natural gas/biogas combinations. Naturally, it is still possible to extend combi gas burners with a liquid fuel device, for instance in back-up situations.

The photos include a greenhouse in Limburg where an old Zantingh burner was replaced by a brand new propane-natural gas burner. By flipping the switch, it is easy to switch to another fuel.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact our sales advice department via the general number.

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