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CLIMATIX®: Monitoring your gas burner remotely


Digitalisation is in full swing in the gas burner market, and this is opening up plenty of opportunities. Zantingh is the first gas burner manufacturer in the world to supply burners equipped with Climatix. The Siemens application, which facilitates the remote monitoring of gas burners anywhere in the world, can be used on both new and existing systems equipped with the Siemens LMV burner management system. And all you need is an internet connection!

What is it?

Climatix is the cloud solution for remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis. The online platform gives you access to all relevant burner and boiler data, and can also help you analyse that data. For example, data about the burner status, the current burner capacity, the flame signal and the hour meter. But you can also access data about safeguards on the boiler, such as the medium level and maximum temperature, and safeguards installed on peripheral equipment, like a flue gas condenser, a CO2 valve or the CO detector.

The data can be efficiently collected and evaluated using Siemens’ cutting-edge technology. This enables you to make informed decisions, for example on regular maintenance activities, and to optimise the equipment’s performance throughout its life cycle.

How does it work?

The central element of the system is the Siemens LMV burner management system with a Human Machine Interface developed by Zantingh and made visible on a 7” full-colour touchscreen. All relevant gas burner data from the burner management system (Siemens LMV), the boiler, any peripheral equipment and alarm notifications (possibly with email push notifications) are transferred via an internet connection to the cloud through a so-called POL controller with integrated gateway.

The data will then be displayed on the custom-made Climatix dashboard on any PC, tablet or smart phone – anywhere in the world. The status of systems can be viewed in real time, historical information is available and, if desired, push notifications can be sent automatically via email to the facility manager or owner of the system in the event of a calamity.

Industry standard:

Climatix therefore increases the service value of the burner system throughout its life cycle. Data stored in the cloud can be shared with other companies or external systems. For applications in the greenhouse horticulture sector, the interface between the gas burner and the climate computer (Fiduface) has also been fully integrated.

Thanks to Climatix, Zantingh can continually monitor its customers’ systems in the background and schedule preventive maintenance in good time. This means that calamities and unwanted system downtime can be prevented as much as possible. Zantingh provides the requisite Climatix hardware at a low cost and integrates it into the switch panel of the gas burner. To use the cloud services, customers purchase a subscription and pay a reasonable user fee.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Monitor remotely: Diagnostic tools enable you to gain an insight into potential problems, solve them remotely or ensure that service and maintenance workers arrive on site with the right components to solve the problem.
  • Improve performance: Continuous data analysis facilitates performance optimisation at any time. In addition, tools for planned maintenance can reduce equipment wear and tear, thereby increasing efficiency and significantly reducing the number of unplanned interventions.
  • Increase reliability: Analysing the collected data helps to identify problems before they cause a breakdown, thereby increasing the reliability of equipment.
  • Integration with other systems: Climatix is an open platform; so it is easy to integrate existing or new business applications.


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