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Burner self-management: Facile makes it easy


Smart burners with automated commissioning, that automatically adjust the combustion to the weather and to unexpected circumstances: with the current technological developments it was bound to become available. The time is now! Facile is the first and currently the only operating system that allows smart burner operation as well as self-management. Last year we hinted it would soon be available and as of the beginning of this year the Facile burner management system is available on Unigas brand gas burners sold by Zantingh.

How does it work?

The system is equipped with sensors on both the burner gas and air supply side. Setting up fuel curve setpoints manually is no longer necessary. The system does this automatically based on the information it collects. This significantly reduces the time required to commission a burner. The burner engineer only performs checks.

During operation the data from the sensors is constantly monitored and the gas and air supply are adjusted independently when required. The positions of the servomotors in combination with the corresponding measured values are stored by Facile and used to keep the burner in operation if and when a sensor should fail.

The Facile burner management system is able to adjust setpoints on the fuel curve as soon as external factors such as the boiler back pressure, ambient temperature or air pressure require setpoint adjustments. This guarantees optimal combustion, safety and operational reliability.

All data on burner activities and component service life can be read on computers and smartphones. The Facile control centre in Italy also monitors the data to ensure that they can always provide the required support.

Come see the Facile burner at the Zantingh stand at GreenTech Amsterdam, on 11, 12 and 13 June 2019: stand 12.316.

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