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Zantingh present at 2023 edition of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference


Reimagine is the name of 2023 edition of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference. As in the Netherlands, energy management in Canada in the New Times, as they call it, is a hot topic, and new sustainable technologies are rapidly being shaped.

Together, Canada and the Netherlands have a long history when it comes to greenhouse farming. In the 1950s, many Dutch people left for Canada to try their luck in horticulture, and today many horticulturists still have Dutch names.

The industry in Canada is large. The country has the largest percentage of greenhouse area in North America, again the vast majority of which was built using Dutch techniques and companies. So it is not surprising that each year the names of some 30 Dutch companies appear on the exhibition floor plan of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

Zantingh can also be found there, in booth 1032, flanked by our Canadian service partner Big Stuff HVAC aka Hans Kuivenhoven and Altisol aka John de Vreugd from Dutch origin.

Have something to discuss? A challenge, an upcoming project or a proposal? Then come on October 4 or 5 to the Niagara Falls Convention Centre in Ontario, Canada. Our captain Gert-Jan Zantingh will be happy to welcome you with a cup of coffee for a personal discussion.

More information: https://www.canadiangreenhouseconference.com/

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