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Achèvement: 2010

Informations commerciales: THK, Volgograd, Russie

Culture: Roses

Type de brûleur: RKB 4.0 ND MM G/O, 5,054 kW PCI (charge)

Capacité de chaudière: 4,000 Mcal / 4,650 kW (à un rendement de 92% de chaudière)

Consommation de gaz à plein régime: 538 nm3/h

THK à Volgograd (Russie)

Situated at about 3000 km distance from the Dutch border lays the city of Volgograd. The Russian city of about 1 million inhabitants is infamous by the name of Stalingrad, because the Russians won an important battle there over the Germans in the Second World War.

Nowadays there are greenhouses just outside the city where roses are cultivated. Outside it is -15 degrees Celsius, but inside the greenhouse a nice temperature is maintained by two Zantingh RKB 4.0 burners. Zantingh mechanics go there regularly for maintenance tasks. The relationship with the company is therefore very good. Our man is always picked up at the hotel by the chief engineer of the greenhousing company for the half an hour journey to the job.

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Zantingh France SARL
95, rue F. de Lesseps
F-44150 Ancenis

T (+33) (0)240 83 94 30
F (+33) (0)240 83 96 72
E info@zantingh.fr

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