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Achèvement: 2018

Informations commerciales: Bine Agro, Région de Baku, Azerbaïdjan

Culture: Tomates

Type de brûleur: 3x RKB 3.5 ND MM G/O, 3x RKB 3.5 ND MM Gaz, 4,424 kW PCI (charge)

Capacité de chaudière: 3,500 Mcal / 4,070 kW (à un rendement de 92% de chaudière)

Consommation de gaz à plein régime: 471 nm3/h

Bine Agro, Baku (Azerbaïdjan)

Azerbaijan is increasingly familiar ground for a lot of greenhouse construction companies. The greenhouse agriculture is considered a growing business and especially tomatoes are being cultivated. A lot of technology and know-how has its origin in The Netherlands. Also Zantingh goes there regularly to commission new installations.

A good example is Bine Agro in the Baku region: they bought six 4MW Zantingh burners to grow 65ha. of tomatoes. And there will be more in the future. This month (March 2018) our mechanic went there to get the first six of them running. At his arrival different vegetables (more than only tomatoes) are beautifully exposed and the boiler room is perfectly clean. Everything is kept neat and tidy for the president to arrive. When he comes, remains a perfect uncertainty, but the result is pleasant for everybody.

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