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Grand opening World Horti Center 7 March


Wednesday 7th March 2018 is the grand opening of World Horti Center in Naaldwijk by her majesty the queen Máxima.

World Horti Center is the global knowledge and innovation center for greenhouse horticulture and a unique symbol for the Dutch horticultural industry in all aspects. A greenhouse technology center with wow factor that aims at uniting institutions and industry and making young people enthusiast for “the green job”. Zantingh has contributed to it in multiple ways.

Research center

The construction of World Horti Center started in September 2016. Zantingh provided the gas burner for the heating installation. This installation also provides the CO2 supply for the greenhouses of Demokewekerij. The greenhouses are a part of the research facility that is situated in the building and also has educational purposes.

Year-round trade fair

World Horti Center facilitates a year-round trade fair. Zantingh, amongst eighty other innovative companies who are active in the international greenhouse horticulture sector, has a permanent place there. The companies show their products, services and knowledge and work closely together with educational institutions and authorities.


Daily more than 1.200 students attend their lessons at World Horti Center. Several horticulture related courses of Inholland and MBO Westland are located in the building. Apart from the certified MBO and HBO courses, several training programs are offered by Demokwekerij Westland in cooperation with Lentiz Cursus & Consult.


The official opening for partners and participants is in the morning. In the afternoon World Horti Center opens its doors for companies from the horticultural sector and participants in the year-round trade fair will show what they have to offer. The evening is reserved for students. They will be taken along an interactive tour and they will discover the horticultural industry.

Click here for information and program on the World Horti Center:

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