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Delivery: 2017

Company details: Statoil Refining A/S Kalundborg, Denmark

Industry: Oil refinery

Installation: 2 x ZRC 10.0H.SLF.P6

Boiler capacity: 11.630 kW

Statoil refinery Kalundborg (Denmark)

In Kalundborg, Denmark arises the high-tech oil refinery of Statoil Refining Denmark A/S. In their plant they use steam with a temperature of 250ºC to process the raw oil into HEMI fuel. The same steam additionally is used to heat the pipes to reduce heat loss during the transportation.

The steam installation needed an upgrade. Thus in 2017 two Zantingh flue gas condensers were deployed for a boiler capacity of almost 12 MW each. Flue gas condensers provide extra efficiency by pre-heating the boiler water with flue gasses. The project has been realised in cooperation with Jan Hansen of V. Hansen ApS engineering company.

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