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Gup Washp Zarya in Volgograd (Russia)

Delivery: 2016

Company details: Gup Washp Zarya, Volgograd, Russia

Product: Tomatoes, cucumbers

Burner type: RKB 10.0 ND MM G/O, 12,641 kW lower limit (load)

Boiler capacity: 10,000 Mcal / 11,630 kW (at 92% boiler efficiency)

Gas consumption at full power: 1.345 nm3/h

Gup Washp Zarya in Volgograd (Russia)

Situated at about 3000 km distance from the Dutch border lays the city of Volgograd. The Russian city of about 1 million inhabitants is infamous by the name of Stalingrad, because the Russians won an important battle there over the Germans in the Second World War.

In that city there are old greenhouses from the soviet period, that are now heated by Zantingh burners. In 2014 and 2016 we went there for Verkade Klimaat to put into service six Zantingh RKB 10.0 burners. Nowadays more than 75 MW of Zantingh burners is installed.

And we are proud of it!

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119530 г. Москва
Очаковское шоссе д. 32, каϭ. 7

Телефон: 8-963-605-20-14
E-mail: info@zantingh.ru

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