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Expo Agroalimentaria Irapuato 2017


Also this year the 22nd edition of Expo Agroalimentaria, that recently took place in Irapuato (about 300 km north-east of Mexico City) was very busy. With its 1300 exhibitors on 630.000 square meters and 120.000 visitors it is Mexico’s largest 4- day horticultural event.

Mexico is a big player on the market worldwide when it comes to horticulture and it still offers potential to future investors and suppliers from abroad. The modern greenhouse horticulture is thriving in Agro Parks near cities, of which the one near Queretaro (Colon) is the most well known. 95% of the tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers (about 75.000 tons a year) cultivated in the 280 acres large area, is being exported to the US and sold in big supermarket chains like Walmart and Costco. If the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), installed by Bill Clinton in 1994 survives under Trump, the idea of stretegically situated Agro Parks will be rollled out over the country and be a key succes factor for further growth of the Mexican horticultural branche.

Zantingh participated in the stand of Asesores en Invernaderos, that besides Zantingh also represents a large amount of other Dutch branche related companies in Mexico (Grodan, Mardenkro, Bato Plastics, Berg Hortimotive etc.). Zantingh has acquired a firm position in the Mexico market and works together with Asesores en Invernaderos to also set up a service organisation.

In the picture: Zantingh CEO Gert-Jan Zantingh together with colleague Jack de Boer, who for many years arranges the first start-up of burner installations in Mexico and also services them, in the stand of our Mexican trade agent Asesores en Invernaderos.

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